in a heartbeat
I'm Esha and I've got a fetish for
Damon Salvatore. [SB]
Multifandom but mostly TVD!
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b. April 18, 1971

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d e a n  w i n c h e s t e r + zoës beautiful poetry

and it’s caught up with me
at last.

(happy birthday, zoë!)

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I promise you the anti-baby sentiment is still alive and well

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She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city

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Yesterday we were just children

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make me choose
saviourlikedamon asked: Gilbert’s house or Salvatore’s house

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♡ Hey, guys! I’m super sorry for being completely MIA for the last few months…

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hi lovelies!

since the year is almost over, i’ve decided to make a 2013 follow forever. here are some (i know i’ve forgotten many of you) of the beautiful blogs that makes tumblr amazing! i love you all, hope you’ll have a perfect new year!  // i started bolding faves, but then i ended up having bolded every one of you.. so i’ve bolded the ones who’s all over my dash all the time

ABC; amyraggedypondbaddamon, bekahforbes, besthunters, buttbrothers

DEF; damonsalvat0re (i just follow’d you, but whatever, feels like you should be in this), damonschildhood, damonseyesdaylightring, deanschevyimpala, dobrevacurls, elenas-caveman, everdeenflame, fallenbadass, festivetennant

GHI; gusgriggs, iamsupernaturalsbitch, ian-sexy-halder, impossiblclara, itsjustjensen

JKL; katherinepiercecurls, katherinesfire, keegenallen, kurberry

MNO; mamasalvatore, markpellegrindo, mckeymilkovich, mishpala, mrshaleydeanwinchesterackles, mysticnecklace, nolightdelena, onelovethatconsumesyou

PQR; queenkath, queenofsomerhalder, ragingcanadian, rebekahmikleson

STU; sarahmannignsalvatorehsherlock, shirtlessdamon, sinnerlikedamonsmileklaus, snogbox, son-of-an-assbutt, stickingupforsammysuchalovelybrother

VWXYZ; waywardsangel, winhcester, winterchesters, wouldyou-ever-comeback

OTHER; +blogroll

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#THANK YOU BB #follow forever